Sunday, June 20, 2010


cluster bombs
filled with waste uranium,
thousand of bullets, poisonous gas,
phosphorus and dynamite
to exterminate people in any place
is a monster's work
or the devil work,
cluster bombs can explode
on their target
bunched from the safeness
of an bomber flaying
on the stratosphere
or they can float
and landing on trillable land
or in orchards, schools
or in the houses
and to remain still
untill an alive begin rub them
or a tool
or a machinery.

The cluster bombs
Made in USA
and made in Israel,
with out detonating yet,
they are covering, today,
the widely flowery meadows
of the Litani River in Lebanon
they are jammed in the olives branchs
in the broad leaves of the sycamores
they are spread in the field
and throughout of the paths and roads
in the towns
they are in the flat roofs
they are in the entrances of the houses
they are in streets scrambled with the rubbish
and in front to schools,
hospitals, churches, mosques,
there exist one million hundred thousand
cluster bombs whit out detonating
and they were launched
from invisible bombers
by day and night
like a letal storm
during the last four days
opf the past war
while the peace was signed.

The cluster bombs
Made in USA
and made in Israel
they to collect human lives every day
in Lebanon
the childishness curiositty
cause more deaths
than the walkers carelessness and their lack caution.

Faustos Dimitrakis, Amarales, noviembre 2/ 2006